Nova Scotia, Canada has a long and proud tradition of excellence in education. Recognized as Canada's Education Province, Nova Scotia has more academic institutions per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Nova Scotia has been a learning destination for over two hundred years. Canada's first English-speaking schools and universities were founded here.

Today, faculty and students come from over 100 countries to work and study, in both English and French, in Nova Scotia. If you study abroad in Nova Scotia, you are guaranteed an internationally recognized education that is also affordable.

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EduNova is Nova Scotia’s premier consortium of highly skilled training and education specialists.  With an extensive network of consultants drawn from academic institutions, the public and private education systems, the public sector and industry, EduNova offers a centralized service to clients by matching expertise with international demand. 

EduNova also has significant experience in managing international projects that range from small, corporate training seminars to complex, multi-million dollar, national reform initiatives. In recent years, EduNova members have worked in over 100 countries on nearly 200 international projects.

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